The ZOO Health Club of Fort Lauderdale recommends that new and existing members take advantage of our SAFE, EFFICIENT, RESULTS ORIENTED One-on-One, and Group Personal Training.

All of our program options are designed to help our clients achieve their specific goals, and also to educate then in the selection, and safe use of both cardiovascular, and strength training equipment.

Our team of trainers is experienced with all age groups from seniors anxious to extend a secure lifestyle to young athletes anxious to excel in their specific sport. Our trainers are experienced with Olympic, pro, and collegiate athletics, as well as soccer moms and dads, and grandparents anxious to enjoy their families.

Our programs are all based on safe, efficient, productive, CIRCUIT TRAINING, and offer a wide variety of options tailored to the goals and capabilities of our clients.

We offer a FREE personal training session to members so that you can sample the professionalism of our staff.